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Morocco Allows Legal Cannabis Cultivation with Strict Limits | Morocco cannabis laws

Morocco Cannabis Laws Allow Limited Cannabis Cultivation

Morocco has amended its cannabis laws to allow limited legal cultivation of the drug for industrial and medical purposes. This is a significant change from the previous law which completely prohibited any involvement with cannabis. The new Morocco cannabis laws assigns the National Agency for the Legalization of Cannabis-related Activities the task of regulating all activities related to cannabis. This includes farming, export and sale of the drug, but prohibits adult use. Morocco is following in the footsteps of many other countries who have decriminalized or legalized cannabis in recent years. However, unlike some of those countries, Morocco’s legalization only extends to a small number of states and is highly regulated. While this move signals a more open attitude towards cannabis by Moroccan, it remains tightly controlled.

how this cannabis law will help Morocco’s economy

The amendment was adopted last Thursday by Morocco’s cabinet and is now waiting for final approval from the king. While this move signals a more open attitude towards cannabis by Moroccan authorities, it remains tightly controlled and only allowed in three northern states. Morocco has a long history with cannabis, as it has been cultivated in the country for centuries. Hashish made from Moroccan cannabis is also highly prized among smokers. The new law is likely to boost Morocco’s economy, as it will create new jobs in the agricultural and export sectors. It will also bring much-needed tax revenue to the government. While some may criticize the regulation of cannabis, it is a step in the right direction that will benefit both Morocco and its people.

Morocco prevents the exploitation of legal cannabis for illegal purposes

Morocco is taking steps to prevent the exploitation of its newly-legal cannabis industry for illegal purposes. The National Agency for Regulation of activities related to cannabis has been tasked with supporting applicants and facilitating the implementation of administrative procedures related to its granting, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. An advisory board will also be established to review applications for licenses and give its opinion on them. This shows that Morocco is committed to ensuring that its cannabis industry is properly regulated and that it benefits the country as a whole.

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