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Congress Takes Action on Cannabis | Cannabis Legalization News | Safe Banking Updates

Congress Takes Action on Cannabis.

As Congress continues to debate the legalization of marijuana, many are wondering what effect this will have on the cannabis industry. While there are still many hurdles to overcome, Congress is taking action on cannabis and it is clear that they are taking the issue seriously.

One of the biggest issues facing Congress is how to tax marijuana. Federal law currently prohibits the sale of marijuana, so any tax revenue generated would go to state and local governments. However, states that have legalized marijuana sales have been struggling to collect taxes due to the lack of a federal framework. This has led some members of Congress to call for a federal excise tax on Cannabis Legalizationmarijuana sales.

How to regulate the cannabis industry.

Another issue facing Congress is how to regulate the cannabis industry Currently, there is no federal regulatory framework for the cannabis industry. This lack of regulation has led to a patchwork of state and local regulations that are often conflicting and confusing. Congress is working on creating a federal regulatory framework that will provide clarity and certainty for the cannabis industry.

The legalization of marijuana is a complex issue, but Congress is taking action on it. By addressing issues like taxation and regulation, Congress is showing that they are serious about making the cannabis industry work for everyone involved.

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