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Cannabis News for December 2023

Cannabis Licensing

1. New Laws and Regulations Discover what’s changed in the cannabis landscape this December. We’ll delve into the latest legal updates and what they mean for you. 2. Licensing Updates Gain insights into the latest cannabis licensing processes and how they impact growers and businesses. Understand the changing regulatory environment. 3. Industry Trends Explore the […]

Schedule III: Breaking Down Biden’s Cannabis Move

cannabis industry

Understanding the Impact of Reclassifying Cannabis to Schedule III   Introduction In a landmark move, the U.S. government has reclassified cannabis from a Schedule I to a Schedule III substance under the Controlled Substances Act. This monumental shift not only marks a new chapter in the history of cannabis but also paves the way for […]

Cannabis Election Results for 2023 | Cannabis News – CLN Podcast November 2023

Cannabis News

Elections were held this week and yielded some promising results for cannabis in several states. Another state joined the list of those that have legalized cannabis for adult-use, while others approved medical cannabis and cannabis decriminalization. This is a positive step for the progress of cannabis reform in the United States. Latest cannabis news updates. […]

Timothy Edwards A.k.A Tim-Me Continues To Create His Own Path: Now With Comedy

Written by: Tree Wr3x Entrepreneur, musician, rapper, motivational speaker, Cannabis activist, booking agent, journalist and now stand-up comedian. Timothy Edwards aka Tim-me aka yours truly, Tree Wr3x, is branching out and broadening the horizon of creative entertainment for the masses and making a name in the Seattle comedy scene. While I’ve spoken on stage at […]

420 Somewhere with Green Rush Consulting’s Zeta Ceti

420 Somewhere with Green Rush Consulting’s Zeta Ceti Cannabis legalization news has been on the rise in recent years, as more states across the country begin to recognize and legalize the drug for both medicinal and recreational use. With this new wave of legalization comes a great deal of public commentary — from both those […]

420 Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton | Cannabis Legalization News

420 Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton | Cannabis Legalization News This is a video about #420Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton Penelope Hamilton’s canna story is filled with twists and turns and encompasses all of Joyce’s very favorite topics; pot, politics and religion. Penelope is on the cutting edge of advocacy in her home state of New York, […]

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