Cannabis Event Disclaimer

Cannabis Event Disclaimer

Cannabis events are much ado about nothing. I mean, they’re fun, and all, just that the danger are things like binge eating and napping. Cannabis is safer than alcohol because it’s nontoxic. Its aftermath does not result in date rapes and fights. I write this to get the record straight; cannabis events are safer than any other with alcohol. As … Read More

Psychedelic Drug having healing effects Discovery by Yale researchers

Yale researchers discover healing effects of psychedelic drug

didA Yale researchers have found that a single dose of the naturally occurring psychedelic drug/compound; Psilocybin can cause structural changes in the brain that counteract symptoms of depression. Moreover, Researchers find that one dose of psilocybin results in roughly a 10 percent increase in neuron size and density in mouse brains. History Psilocybin and other classic psychedelic drugs have long … Read More

Illegal marijuana operation revealed by garbage truck accident

illegal marijuana grow operation accident location

There is footage of a garbage truck crashing into a building circulating on Instagram and other social media for a while. This bizarre crash revealed an illegal marijuana operation that has been going on for a while. Let’s review this event and what it means for the marijuana industry and law-enforcing authorities. The event On Wednesday morning, September 9, a … Read More

vaccine mandate by Biden expected to apply to the marijuana businesses

biden wearing mask

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life over the last year. It took over half a million lives in the United States. With vaccines introduced by the pharmaceutical industries, there has been enough evidence that governments worldwide are implementing and encouraging their citizens to get vaccinated. For that purpose, the USA introduced a vaccine mandate. What is the vaccine mandate? … Read More

New Mexico Starts Accepting Cannabis Grower Applications

900 New Mexicans are applying to grow cannabis

Nearly 900 New Mexicans are applying to grow cannabis New Mexicans are applying to grow cannabis. New Mexico cannabis grower applications have been out for less than a month, but the state has already received almost 900 entries. The New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department has received 897 initial applications as of last week. Linda Trujillo, the department’s superintendent, told … Read More

How Do I Smoke Legal Weed In Washington?

So you want to smoke some legal in Seattle

So you want to smoke some legal? First off, welcome to the better Washington… Washington State. I think you’ll love the city and, more importantly, the state when you leave here. I love the city, and pending on your life experiences, your visit here to Seattle could be fantastic, or you could become a part of someone else’s hustle, like … Read More