Social Equity in New Mexico: New Step Towards Eradication of Injustice

social equity

New Mexico has been working hard to eradicate injustice. Legislatures have passed laws that pave the way towards paving the way towards a better social system. Prejudice, racism, and stereotyping have greatly affected people, and the government aims to end them. Social equity has been an issue when it comes to the cannabis community. There […]

MSOs in New Mexico and their Impact on Cannabis Industry

MSOs in New Mexico and their Impact on Cannabis Industry

Multi-State operators or MSOs are impactful in cannabis businesses. New Mexico passed new cannabis laws which will allow citizens to get a license for recreational production. The licensing process is very new at this point. New Mexico’s business model is set to be vertically integrated like many other states. What is the future and impact […]

vaccine mandate by Biden expected to apply to the marijuana businesses

biden wearing mask

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life over the last year. It took over half a million lives in the United States. With vaccines introduced by the pharmaceutical industries, there has been enough evidence that governments worldwide are implementing and encouraging their citizens to get vaccinated. For that purpose, the USA introduced a vaccine mandate. […]

How Can I Help to Legalize It?

How Can I legalize it

One of the most asked questions I get asked is “How can I help legalize it (marijuana or cannabis as it’s known in 2020)?”. This is a tough question to answer, especially when two things need to meet, timeliness and location.

How Federal Cannabis Legalization Affects Your State?

How Federal Cannabis Legalization Affects Your State

The MORE Act has –finally- been set for vote in the following days, after initially been set for September but pushed back due to COVID-19. The MORE Act, seeks to decriminalize marijuana at a federal level, expunge the records of people with prior marijuana convictions, and impose a federal five percent tax on cannabis sales, revenue that […]

Cannabis Lawsuits Signaling a Maturing Market?

Cannabis Lawsuits Signalling a Maturing Market?

One of the main aspects of a healthy market is the ability to mobilize the justice system to protect your business. In this sense, are cannabis lawsuits signalling a maturing market?    Recently, Benzinga reported that a CBD Chain could sue Visa for “terrorizing” its business. Reportedly, MNG 2005, Inc. a Missouri-based CBD chain was […]