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HHS Schedule III Letter Revealed | Cannabis Legalization News

The HHS Letter, issued August 29th 2023, rescheduled cannabis medical marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug. This move has been widely praised by members of the medical and scientific communities, as it paves the way for further research into the potential medicinal marijuana benefits of cannabis. Additionally, it reduces the stigma associated with cannabis use and possession, making it easier for people to access and use medical marijuana products without fear of criminal charges.

Ultimately, the HHS Letter is a landmark ruling that shows progress towards more sensible regulations on medical marijuana and opens up new opportunities for research in this field. It may also become part of a larger trend towards decriminalizing or legalizing recreational marijuana in certain states or at the federal level – something many advocates have long advocated for.

Plus more of the top stories of the week with Tom Howard and Miggy 420.

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00:00:00 Cannabis Legalization News Intro

00:02:02 HHS Letter to DEA re Sched III released

00:06:27 New House Speaker Hates Weed

00:15:34 Mastercard & NRA team up to lobby for Cannabis Banking

00:18:26 420 Somewhere by Collateral Base

00:22:02 Ohio Gov Hates Weed Sees Legalization Happening

00:32:45 Name That Strain

00:39:06 Lawsuit to Legalize Weed.

00:55:13 House Lawmakers Send Letter to DEA

00:58:43 Tilray Uses Hemp Packaging

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