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The New Marijuana Legalization Bill: What You Need To Know | Cannabis News 2023


The new marijuana legalization bill to federally legalize cannabis was reintroduced to Congress by Rep. Mace last week calling for the amendment of the Controlled Substance Act. This latest measure, known as the STATES Reform Act is one of several legislative attempts to ease federal restrictions on what is still currently a Schedule I substance. The bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Nancy Mace was first introduced in 2021 under an equally oppositional house speaker.

The New Marijuana Legalization Bill: What You Need To Know | Cannabis News

We have yet to see what changes have been made as this version has not been made publicly available at this time. Senator Nancy Mace has been a long time advocate of federal legalization of cannabis. Even though several bills on the subject are under consideration, it remains to be seen which will prevail. It is clear though that the movement for legalization has grown significantly in the last few years and more states are being open to the idea. The STATES Reform Act would serve as a stepping stone towards this goal.

The Act seeks to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and allow states to regulate it in their own way. It also aims to create an environment that encourages businesses and individuals to operate legally and provides a pathway for those with convictions related to cannabis offenses.

The STATES Act has been seen as a major step forward for the legalization movement, but there is still work to be done. As more states move towards legalizing cannabis, most federal bills such as these take the back burner while Congress seeks to address budget issues prior to another government shutdown.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:01:37 Rep. Mace Introduces Legalization Bill

00:05:51 Taxes and Social Equity

00:07:40 DEA wants a LOT more THC to study.

00:13:31 New less strict federal sentencing guidelines to into effect

00:18:02 420 Somewhere – Our Guest Brian Dombrowski

00:21:39 Senate VA Docs want MMJ

00:33:02 Trending News

00:38:13 Fake Unions for Cannabis?

00:42:44 Ron Desantis Edibles

00:46:47 Name that Strain Alien Labs

00:50:38 OK Cannabis Going down

00:53:54 Social Equity UPdate

01:03:38 Shit I was not expecting

01:06:00 Gen Z Ditching Booze for Cannabis

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