Close this search box.’s Nov. 6th UBI show is an experiment with a new style of rap show…

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Have you ever gone to a rap show with endless supporting acts that leads you to lose the will to live?

Tapping out before the main act rolls in?

While many may like the drawn-out show, thrives for both speed and quality and has decided to take a stand and launch efficient shows with line-ups with fire local artists to lead into a national name.

UBI was the perfect first prominent rapper to help with this experiment due to the knowledge he is known as a rapper who is in this for both the fans and his craft. Stories of UBI sharing his time with fans and being a rapper of high integrity who understands the concepts of communication, process, and promotion.

This event is slated for 3 hours from door to finish, but in the future, our turbo events can be extended to four/five hours from door to close depending on how the concept works and the ability to sell an efficient rap show method to the market. 3 hours for this event was chosen due to the after-show VIP event at another venue and the fact we stuck to the max of five supporting acts.

The good news for guests who want a long night is there will be options at early event ending. One consists of staying in the cannabis lounge to blaze, mingle and play pool until midnight. A second option is to go to the UBI VIP party at the Sesh Lounge. Those seeking a drink can slide over to the bar at the end of the strip mall or those looking for something bolder can cross the street to the strip club.

Keep your eye for a follow-up article on how this concept played out on November 6th. Time will tell if an older rap fan/promoter dream of a short efficient event is a reality or another creative idea that gets tested then goes one and done.


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