A Weekend Walk With Shawn Kemp

Written by: Timothy Edwards aka Tim-Me aka Tree Wr3x Seattle plays host to many events and cannabis brings people together for more than just smoke sessions. Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis was out and about in the Seattle community this weekend starting off with the Alzheimer’s Association walk to end Alzheimer’s at the Seattle Center. My good […]

Timothy Edwards A.k.A Tim-Me Continues To Create His Own Path: Now With Comedy

Written by: Tree Wr3x Entrepreneur, musician, rapper, motivational speaker, Cannabis activist, booking agent, journalist and now stand-up comedian. Timothy Edwards aka Tim-me aka yours truly, Tree Wr3x, is branching out and broadening the horizon of creative entertainment for the masses and making a name in the Seattle comedy scene. While I’ve spoken on stage at […]

Win The Cantanna Corvette

Cantanna Fest Volunteer Group

Written by: Tree Wr3x Win this corvette at Cantanna fest this Saturday! Not only is Tech9 performing a 90-minute set along with a list of other great artists, you could have a chance to win this Corvette, just by buying a ticket. Follow The Cantanna Fest on social media to follow all of the up-to-date […]

Mad Mark Gets High Marks

Mad Mark Logo

6/28/2022 part one published 395 days after publishing the first part of a two part article, I descended the mountain of a Mad Mark high to sit down with him again and see how he is doing. The samples he gave me at the beginning of this article were Mad Gelato, which ended up winning […]

A Dank Cannabis Review

By Tree Wr3x Dank cannabis is indeed Dank. Sampling and reviewing cannabis products is one of my favorite things to do in the industry. As a connoisseur, or should I say “cannasseur”, I’m always on the hunt for the best product on the market. Dank cannabis company, based out of Washington state, has proved itself […]

The Cantanna is Happening in Renton, Washington

Cantanna Fest

By Tree Wr3x aka Tim-Me FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Renton, Washington – Get ready for a day and night of non-stop music and entertainment for The Cantanna Fest on August 26th, 2023, at The Gibson Lots behind the Renton Landing. Produced by Scott McKinley and Redman, this year’s festival promises to be a cultural vibe and […]

Cannabis Legalization News Hits the Ballpark

CLN at the ballpark

By: Tree Wr3x YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok: thetalentedtimme Facebook: TimothyEdwards1E T-Mobile Park was lit as the Mariners took on the Yankees. Miggy 420 and Timothy Edwards, a.k.a. Tim-Me, a.k.a. Tree Wr3x, were at game two of the three-game series. Although we lost 10 to 2, it was still a fun evening. Aaron Judge hit a […]

AI Will Not Replace Trade Shows

If you don’t like reading about business, money, and social equity, please read no further, but I get it. I’m also a paycheck and a nervous breakdown away from pitching a tent to live in, but I like hot showers and the internet way too much. So I do something every day, in other words, […]

Black Man Gets Pulled Over, Smell Leads To Arrest

Injustice For All As an American and person with a lifelong tan, the east coast South has always scared the hell out of me. By looking at its law enforcement Facebook pages, a place makes being black a crime via smell and traffic violations. The American east coast south still has a predominant 4-tier justice […]

Legalize it and I Will Advertise It (Full Story)

Legalize It and I will Advertise It

I’ve known Tom Howard, the cannabis industry lawyer, for over 13 years. Since bands were getting famous from MySpace and Obama’s first term, we both have a love and fascination for tech and cannabis. He understands connections in the backend of the internet, and I know the boxes the internet runs on. Throughout our friendship, […]

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