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Beer and Smoking in Vegas a Journey through MJBizCon

A Journey through MJBizCon: Reflections and Insights

Introduction: Remembering Hunter S. Thompson

I can’t help but reminisce about Hunter S. Thompson’s journey to write an article on The Mint 400 with his Hispanic lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, the three hundred pound Samoan. This narrative sets the stage for my own adventure at MJBizCon with my friend and business partner, a Caucasian lawyer.


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Day 1: The Meet and Greet

Networking and Celebrations

The convention kicked off with a meet and greet day, where vendors and exhibitors set up on the conference floor. The highlight was attending a party hosted by Sensi Magazine and Hearst Media, symbolizing a historical turn from the era of prohibition. Learn more about networking in the cannabis industry.


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A post shared by Miguel Santiago (@miggy420lives)

The Cost of Networking

Networking at these events often comes with a price, both in terms of time and money. I encountered a variety of industry players, including a man with a mobile preroll business who found inspiration in our network. Discover the best networking strategies for cannabis professionals.

Day 2: Exploring the Convention

Navigating the Business Landscape

Day 2 was about exploring the convention floor, filled with vendors from various sectors. It’s crucial to have a plan and know what you’re looking for, be it soil, lights, or other supplies. Read about navigating cannabis conventions successfully.

Signs of Industry Change

I noticed traditional companies opening their doors to cannabis businesses, a significant indicator of industry evolution. Despite challenges like social media restrictions, the cannabis sector is being embraced by long-standing companies. Explore the evolving cannabis industry landscape.

Day 3: The Busiest Day

Content Creation and Networking

Well-rested, Day 3 was spent doing podcast content and learning about new products and services. Celebrities like Mike Tyson and Berner were present, adding glamour to the event. Check out the latest cannabis products and innovations.

The Award Show and After Party

The day concluded with an award show and an after-party, marking the high point of social networking. Find out more about cannabis industry events and awards.

Conclusion: The Business of Cannabis

Diverse Participation

My experience at MJBizCon showed the wide range of participants in the cannabis industry, from large corporations to small businesses. The business landscape in cannabis is as varied as any other industry. Explore the diverse cannabis business landscape.

Creating Your Voice in Legalization

As each state progresses with its form of legalization, it’s crucial for individuals to actively participate in shaping the future of cannabis legalization, be it through advocacy or entrepreneurship. Learn how to create your voice in cannabis legalization.

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