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Why Is Luke Scarmazzo Still Behind Bars?

Luke Scarmazzo‘s incarceration is an example of the abuse of power the government can and has done; when I say government, I mean people in charge, the past, and present.

I’ve spent a majority of my adult life shouting to the ether to enlighten the ignorant that cannabis is not the drug you think it is. A desire to show that we as people just want to be part of a civilized society – it’s hard to do when power lingers with the ability to incarcerate and/ or take things you’ve worked hard for at a whim. I think the time has passed, if it wasn’t already up by the time I started carrying the legalization is a human right torch to stop trying to treating everyone as ignorant but complacent.

Perhaps, the adults have known, and just no one in power cared, that marijuana is not the drug preached about by some government entities. When I was young, the adults in power, some of whom still hold offices, knew and just didn’t care unless it has meant hefty donations or praises from constituents like an Instagram influencer.

Politics are part of the shit stew that makes America. No one cared about it because it was only the poor and minorities getting harassed and controlled. America stayed ungreat.

With the internet and information overload, we finally see some common sense prevailing, and now the power dynamics to cannabis change from State to State with the inevitable, the world.

As I write this, Luke has been sitting behind bars for over 13 years for something legal in 18 States with one lawsuit pending to make it 19, plus 2 territories and the Nations’ Capital. Let us not forget, the two bordering nations of The United States have agreed that prohibition fails, especially when it comes to cannabis.

On May 15, 2008, Luke was found guilty at age 29 of being a successful businessman and artist, sentenced to 21 years and ten months of not being a citizen, a human being.

This is my first time writing about Luke, this means nothing to you, but for me, he’s one of the hundreds of people’s lives I’ve seen messed with by the law, by people with discretionary powers that choose to fuck with mostly law-abiding citizens.

I could write a depressing article every day for a year on prisoners, but that’s not good for anyone’s mental health. Speaking of, this is another byproduct of prohibition, and that’s the lack of focus on mental health.

As human beings (Americans) have always been fucked in the head, the whole point is to be better than we were. That’s what makes America great. Instead of incarcerating and berating, we need to rehabilitate with better choices. Prohibition is a disease in the American justice system.

The American government has a record of going after people it doesn’t like, no better than the third world nations were supposed to be better than.

Law enforcement is no longer being used to enforce separate drinking fountains or violently break up LGBQT clubs. Which shows we’re on the right path to equality, but at least 70 million people are ignorant of the process and don’t like talking about race and America because it makes them feel icky.

Dear “conservative right” crowd, just cause a black, brown, or even yellow face tells you it’s not racist, it still could be; some people choose a paycheck over what’s right. During the Civil rights Era, the F.B.I used informants on M.L.K to learn of his affairs to discredit him and used informants to help murder Fred Hampton? Some people of color believe in the paycheck over morality, just like the white people who created the laws. If you need one more example within the most recent 60 years, Richard Aoki supplied guns to the Black Panthers as an F.B.I informant, why? Because they were feeding and educating poor children.

If you made it this far, I want to add that not all white people are evil. My point here is when I see people getting riled up about critical race theory, cannabis prohibition is the number one example of a law designed to suppress a demographic. It went from controlling black, brown, and hippies to now just the poor and ill-informed.

Pot prisoners are only topical for a moment. People go through a thing, win or lose a case, and then the world goes on. Things that trend change, but many people can’t go on. Individuals get lost in the sauce. Not all prisoners have celebrity support, nor have they been highlighted in various media’s but his case is no less or more egregious. I think this is possibly why I haven’t written about him before; I mean, what’s little ole’ me gonna do that a whole organization can’t? But the reality is, that’s what makes America great. We can all speak out on an issue, and if the issue truly affects the masses, the masses will see.

Luke has been fighting for his freedom even before the trial; this is part of why he has been treated harsher than his partner Ricardo Ruiz Montes, who was pardoned during President Trump’s final round before leaving office.

Luke had the exact charges as Ricardo, but two things linger, his youthful record and a video he did while being persecuted for following the law at the time while State guidelines were ambiguous, just as in the case of Lance Gloor. Luke is facing extra persecution due to butt-hurt-fed feelings over some fire bars.

Gangster rap has never been my sound of choice, but Luke’s song hits with mad beats and rhymes that are true to him; it’s art. I leave you with the video and song Businessman by Luke Scarmazzo; after you see this, you’ll have a better idea as to why Luke still sits biassedly behind bars.

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