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We (At least I am) Are Getting Our Shit Together!

On a good day, this message will hit a hundred thousand people, on a bad no one, that’s what happens when you do things on the internet, especially when you’re focused on the progression of one conversation, that’s why your network and reputation is so important, and in a 20 Billion dollar, legal tax-generating industry and a metric butt-ton of “Oh My God” money in the traditional market, we have a solid reputation.

Most likely, if you’re reading this, then you’re familiar with the guy who created the page Thomas Howard and me, Miguel a.k.a Miggy420, the content contributor. I always wanted to be a writer and got my feet wet by blogging. Blogging turned into contributing to online media and some paper, some startups, some nationally, all for experience, not fame, but weirdly, I am weed famous – at least at as I write, next year that can change.

As I stroke my ego writing this, I’m asking you to join us here if you love cannabis and reading. Our goal is to help the cannabis conversation while building our network and sharing knowledge while entertaining. Our network includes a Facebook page with over 300k people who also think Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional, a Youtube Channel with over 18K subscribers, and something I find more valuable, the respect of people long in the industry.

As we make the team in the background, I plan to contribute a Monday weekly plus whatever I can throughout the week to meet the criteria. Does it inform, or is it funny? Also, if you would like to contribute, feel free to send an email to 420binary(address sign) with the subject line “Cannabis Content.”

Join us here and on YouTube for policy and culture news.


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