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These States Legalized Cannabis in the 2022 Election

These States Legalized Cannabis in the 2022 Election

What States Legalized Cannabis in the 2022 Election ?

The midterm elections this year was a pivotal moment for #cannabis. More and more states are jumping into the #AdultUse market and we are seeing just how much progress has been made since the nacency of decriminalization. There are still countless hurdles to jump on the #federal side of the fence but with each passing election cycle, we get closer and closer to ending the groundless prohibition of a significantly benevolent and innoxious plant.

The latest states to join us on the planet of common sense are Maryland and Missouri. While these states are preparing for the transition, they both project very different paths of progression. Join us as we discuss what we know so far about the laws for those states and see how the nation is shaping up after the results reach their final tally. As Republicans and Democrats both differ on their approach to the green wave sweeping the nation, how are their numbers in the House and Senate going to impact what many advocates and activists have been working decades to accomplish in the coming years?

Tune into Cannabis Legalization News with host Tom Howard and Miggy420 where we discuss these stories and more.

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