Oklahoma: Smoklahoma Lounge Influencer Night – Tulsa – Sept. 10th

Originally Published on Blazing America by Justin Cohen

Tulsa has been gifted a new consumption space with the Smoklahoma Lounge on the 1800 block of S. Sheridan. The lounge is throwing an Influencer Night on September 10th for local cannabis industry business owners, workers & online personalities.

Entry is free for this event to members of the Smoklahoma Lounge Influencer Facebook group.

smoklahoma poster

Smoklahoma Lounge
Perfect location for the dab bar to great guests
smoklahoma pool table
Shoot some pool
smoklahoma stage
Stage ready for live shows with plenty of room for blazing music lovers
smoklahoma head shop
Grab a bong and shirt in the lounge’s head shop

The Smoklahoma lounge is destined to be an epic cannabis friendly venue with so much to offer the cannabis industry, casual tokers and live music scene. The venue is equipped with pool tables, stage, a dab bar location and plenty of space to relax with friends or meet-up for cannabis business.

Check out the Smoklahoma Facebook and Instagram feeds for upcoming events.

Stay tuned for articles that take place at the Smoklahoma Lounge in the consumption spaces section of BlazingAmerica.com.

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