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How Do I Smoke Legal Weed In Washington?

So you want to smoke some legal?

First off, welcome to the better Washington… Washington State. I think you’ll love the city and, more importantly, the state when you leave here. I love the city, and pending on your life experiences, your visit here to Seattle could be fantastic, or you could become a part of someone else’s hustle, like in all big cities. Seattle has excellent public transportation but also a shit ton of homeless, scammers, and other by-products of capitalism. Just something to be aware of if you don’t plan on leaving the city. If that’s the case, you don’t need an uber or rental, except to hit those destination spots.

Most likely, you’ll be landing at Sea-Tac Airport, a catchy name for a little city in-between the two large ones. Here you can catch the light rail, which you can take to various points in Seattle, and its’ proper. If you want to get weed as soon as you can, then there’s only one option without a vehicle, and that’s Cannabis City off the SODO stop. Cannabis City is the closest weed shop to any of the light rail stops. If you’re willing to wait, there are several options in the city.

Since you’re the rambunctious type and have to get weed right away, where are you going to smoke it with all that luggage? Well, hopefully, you’re carrying light because you will blend in. Whether you’re smoking a preroll or decided to buy some flower and a pipe, there are the city rules, and then there’s common courtesy because no one gives a fuck about your pot-smoking here.

The city ordinance states that public cannabis smoking is a nuisance, not tobacco, so fines come with the bad-boy reputation. If a cop wanted to be known as a rent-a-cop, they could give you a 20 dollar fine for being a rebel. It also provides discretionary power for hotels and BnBs. Surprisingly some do allow it; just not advertise it, ask before you book that room.

I meant it when I said no one gives a fuck about your weak ass marijuana here; let me tell you how I sometimes “treat yourself.” On my way home via public transportation, I’ll take the light rail from the University of Washington to the Capitol Hill stop. Once I get off the train it’s out of the station on the street where my multiple-choice adventure begins, do I? 1) grab some food first from Dick’s or something from the gyro place, the size of lines usually decides this for me or 2) immediately start walking down the hill to the Reef because they offer a great selection with a Veteran’s discount and an ATM fee-free machine.

After making my purchase at the Reef, if I didn’t initially grab food, I might grab a slice from the woodfire pizza place across the street. Pending on foot traffic, I could light one up on the sidewalk while making my way down to Westlake Center to catch the light rail; usually, there’s no heavy foot traffic cause of all the construction going on.

If not while walking, I try to find a park where I can sit away from other people. Always be considerate; keep in mind you’re about to smoke a combustible that you have no control over. If you got a vape pen, I would say, “Hell, do it anywhere. Just don’t blow in people’s faces.” A good rule of thumb is, if you see cigarettes, then that area is fine.

Now that you got your smoke on let me make a few suggestions. If you can stop at Biscuit Bitch, this is always one of my go-to’s on “treat yourself” day. For the evening, the nightlife varies, so I recommend checking out for events and nightlife.

Before I sign off, let me set you on a Seattle delicacy scavenger hunt. I don’t want to promote one business over another here, but Seattle does have some unique flavors, look up Seattle Dog and Seattle Teriyaki Chicken; these two alone will send you down a rabbit hole of deliciousness.

Keep in mind; I’m a 5’11” almost 50-year-old dark-skinned brown man. Results may vary.

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