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Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel: Ohio Cannabis Medical Raid Victims


Glenn Keeling and Peggysue Kimmel’s continuing saga of the misguidance of justice is not a unique one in America but is another example of prohibitions’ failure to catch bad guys or even to make America better. Their case is one of the many reasons we have been fighting so long for our inalienable rights and human dignity, that still doesn’t exist in America. Glenn has been made a target and is being made an example by Ohio law enforcement and prosecutors of “Don’t speak up for others.” He has been a long-time vocal advocate for the legalization of cannabis in Ohio, which might as well be 1930.

Listen to our conversation with Glenn, as he talks about his past activism and present fight. Prohibition hurts the lives of citizens everywhere in America. Glenn talks about his previous efforts with NORML, and now his presence fight with The Human Solution International.

Watch or listen to our conversation with Glenn as he streams from his non-mansion with his non-butler. The State of Ohio is actively harassing and prosecuting two Americans for their involvement with a plant while dismissing other cases, still with prejudice, but not for over the years it’s taken Glenn and Peggy to see American justice.

If you would like to help or learn more about Glenn and Peggysue, below are some extra links;

The Ballad of Peggy and Glenn

Ohio Couple Being Prosecuted

Glenn’s Facebook

Creative Care Beacon: The Human Solution International Ohio Chapter

*Edit: I copied and paste a Facebook post that directs more for their support

Please call Mercer County Ohio Prosecutor Matt Fox’s office this morning @ 419-586-8677 and /politely/ ask that he “Please drop all charges against Peggysue Kimmel and Glenn Keeling.” Then, please call Ohio governor Mike Dewine’s office this morning @ 614-644-4357 and /politely/ ask that he, “Please stop the persecution and prosecution of medical cannabis patients in Mercer County Ohio, Peggysue Kimmel and Glenn Keeling.” This is an injustice, no one should be facing over 50 years in prison for a plant. Any time is fine, you can leave a polite message if you don’t get an answer.

Pre-trial is TODAY (Thursday, October 31) @ 1:00 p.m. – If you are in the area, please consider going and showing your support to Peggysue and Glenn – they sure need it. Address is: 101 N Main Street, Celina, Ohio.

The war on drugs mirrors the failed war on alcohol: it did not stop use, it increased use, harder use, use-related deaths, and violent crime. Embracing your individual rights (your life, your liberty, and your property) is /not/ a crime. Voluntary relationships, free association, and free markets are /not/ a crime.

#aboltion #individualrights #freemarkets #selfownership #healTHCareFreedom

For more information about what happened with PeggySue and Glenn:

For more information about how the war on drugs is a war on the people:

For more information on MS, which is what PeggySue was using her cannabis for:

For more information on Crohn’s Disease, which is what Glenn was using his cannabis for:

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