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Can the UN Stop US from Legalizing It? | Cannabis News

Can the UN Stop US from Legalizing It? | Cannabis News

Can the UN Stop US from Legalizing It? | Cannabis News

The INCB report suggests a possible issue with the U.S. considering federal-level reform efforts when it has a federally structured system. The 1961 treaty mandates that each member nation must still fulfill and carry out the provisions of the convention, regardless of their constitutional structure.

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The power to compel federated entities remains at the federal Government level, and so accountability may be an issue in this regard. The INCB report also notes that any reform efforts should be taken in line with the treaty鈥檚 provisions, including those related to human rights protection and the prevention of drug abuse. Furthermore, individuals should not be discriminated against based on their race or nationality when enforcing drug laws.

Finally, the INCB recommends that more research needs to be done in order to gain a better understanding of the current international drug policy landscape, and that the information gathered should be used to inform effective reform efforts.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are still many issues surrounding international drug policy which need to be addressed in order for effective reform efforts to take place. There needs to be greater coordination between governments in order to legalize effectively.

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Moreover, the INCB urges governments to ensure that drug laws are enforced fairly and that people are not discrmininated against based on their gender or sexual orientation. Additionally, they suggest that governments should consider decriminalizing some forms of personal use of drugs in order to reduce the criminalization of marginalized groups and prevent them from facing disproportionate effects due

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