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A Pot Prisoner Is Just An American Living In The Wrong Time

It’s hard to describe what I do for legalization; I’m famous or at least infamous for being a nice guy when in reality, I’m kind of a dickhead, but I try to use that dickhead energy to change the world. One of the things I try to do is bring hope to prisoners.

Wars are won through changing the minds of the enemy while your people have hope that they are not alone nor in the wrong, as they sit alone behind bars surrounded by killers and rapists.

Every cannabis consumer in their own right is an activist. The money you used to buy that weed went to feed a farmer; there’s no workaround on that.

Whose in jail for weed? If you listen to the government, its the bad guys, but this isn’t the case. Its fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers all sit behind bars; Farmers, transporters, go-betweens, and ancillary supporters for operations that are the same as what is legal for recreational consumption in multiple states and our Nation’s Capital.

I use to participate in a pot prisoner podcast with my friend Kristin Flor, whose father died behind bars while serving time for a medical grow and pot P.O.W Eugene Fischer, a man who was serving life for a marijuana trafficking but managed to jailhouse lawyer himself out.

One of the most powerful things he said that kept him alive in prison was hope. We do this every day by trying to make a difference in public policy and perception. You can do this by reaching out.

There is no one database of pot prisoners. We don’t know exactly how many people are serving cases, just the ones whose families have been fighting for them and the ones your lucky to find out about because none of these should people deserve to be forgotten.

There are a few organizations with databases of those incarcerated just for pot, people who have given a fuck; Organizations like Freedom Grow, The Weldon Project, The Human Solution International, Life For Pot, Can-Do Clemency, and P.O.W 420 to name some off the top of my head.

If you’re tired of the bad guys winning, reach out to a prisoner and let them know they don’t deserve to be where they are for something that has never killed anyone.

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