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420 Somewhere – Liz Grow | Grow House Media | Feminized Podcast

420 Somewhere – Liz Grow | Grow House Media | Feminized Podcast

420 Somewhere – Liz Grow | Grow House Media | Feminized Podcast

Grow House Media is an Austin-based production company that is clearing the smoke around the most misunderstood plant on the planet. We live at the intersection of education and entertainment, advocacy and amusement, telling the truth about cannabis and getting a little wild along the way.

Founded by husband-and-wife team Liz Grow and Patrick Pope, Grow House Media is Texas’ only cannabis-focused production company.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and in many different cultures, yet it has been demonized for decades by Reefer Madness-style propaganda. Today, people are starting to gain a more accurate understanding of cannabis and its potential for healing both the body and spirit.

Recent surveys show that 91% of Americans support legalization of medical cannabis, and 59% support recreational use. This is a great sign that the public is beginning to recognize and understand the therapeutic benefits of this plant.

Cannabis can help manage pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, stimulate appetite, and provide relief from many other ailments. It can also be used as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Cannabis has an incredibly diverse range of effects, from energizing sativa strains to relaxing indica varieties, so there is something for everyone. The biggest takeaway is that cannabis can be used in a responsible manner for physical and mental wellbeing. So don’t be intimidated by the stigma—embrace.

Real Talk with the Dopest Women in Cannabis
With Liz Grow, Cannabis Activist, Producer, and Co-founder of Grow House Media

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