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Why Legalization Should be a Priority For Congress

Why Legalization Should be a Priority For The Congress

As the midterm elections approach, a new poll finds that a majority of Democrats believe that legalizing marijuana should be a top or important priority for Congress. The survey from Morning Consult and Politico that was released on Wednesday asked registered voters about 13 different issues and the extent to which they should be congressional priorities.

Four out of ten voters overall said ending prohibition should be prioritized, with Democratic voters being the most likely to say so. A majority of Democratic voters (53%) said marijuana legalization should be a top or important priority for Congress while just 34% of Republicans said the same.

There are a number of reasons why cannabis legalization should be a priority for Congress. Here are three key reasons:

1. It would boost the economy.

The cannabis industry is already worth billions of dollars and is projected to continue to grow. Legalization would allow the industry to grow even more, creating new jobs and generating tax revenue.

2. It would improve public health.

Legalization would allow for better regulation of cannabis products, making them safer for consumers. It would also allow for research into the medical benefits of cannabis, which could lead to new treatments for a variety of conditions.

3. It would reduce crime.

Prohibition has led to a black market for cannabis, which fuels crime. Legalization would take away the profits from the black market and reduce crime rates overall.

Cannabis legalization is an important issue that should be a priority for Congress. It would boost the economy, improve public health, and reduce crime. Hopefully, the midterm elections will result in more support for cannabis legalization so that we can finally end prohibition.



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