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Washington State’s State of Cannabis | WA Cannabis News

Washington State’s State of Cannabis | WA Cannabis News

Washington State’s State of Cannabis | WA #Cannabis #news

Being that I reside in #Washington State, I feel obligated to do the occasional catch-you-up on things in one of the first legal states.

First, the zombie apocalypse or planes falling from the sky hasn’t happened. Instead, recreational consumers get mostly safe products but just as important, all consumers of cannabis have safe access.

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How has legalization changed Washington State? I would say not at all.

Things that were a problem before still are; Traffic sucks, and people do too. Problems didn’t increase because now dopefiends have easy access; the thing is, dopefiends have always existed, and weed is not the drug of choice, nor is it a gateway drug. Nothing is new.

Perhaps things did get a little worse. Things that weren’t a problem before now are because now we have rule police that let you grow or open a store.

People are also awesome. When Washington State medical was the law of the land, it made minor arrests impractical, but to arrest the growers and shop owners, was easy and a revenue generator. Thank you to those that ran and ruled during the medical days, no matter who you are.

The law has recently hit its 10th anniversary, and the industry it’s 9th; here’s where we stand. Presently there still is no homegrow on the books, and the pandemic did not bring about common sense by adding home deliveries, but hey, at least you’re essential if you’re an employee.

Now for the news;

I’m including the 2022 legislation that changed the word marijuana to cannabis in all references to the state’s statutes and regulations as news simply because it shows the progress still being made after “legalization.” The state legislature passed 2SHB 1210, a law that replaces all references to “marijuana” in state statutes (RCWs) and regulations (WACs) with the word “cannabis” 1. Cannabis is a more scientific word, and its use is consistent with the current substance regulation.

With this being said about the word, the window is now open for social equity applicants to apply for a cannabis retail license.

You need to meet 2 of the three requirements: 1) Was you or someone in your family arrested and convicted of a cannabis offense? 2) You live in a Dispropotionalteyl impacted area, or 3) You make less than 82,400 yearly. If you feel this is something you qualify for and have time and a little amount of money to register, then I suggest you do it.

From Ganjapreneur; The Washington Senate has approved a ban on discriminating against cannabis use during the hiring process; a legislative proposal in Washington seeks to create a cannabis regulatory commission that would operate like the state’s other agricultural agencies.

From MarijuanMoment; Washington Senate Votes To Legalize Interstate Marijuana Commerce, Washington Bill To Allow Marijuana Home Cultivation Stalls Again, More Than A Decade After Voters Enacted Legalization

HB1563- Concerning arrest protections for the medical use of cannabis. 1563 finally passed the House. On to the Senate!

The pot shop owner unleashes an earful on an officer who pulled a vehicle over in her parking lot. I understand where this minority woman comes from; others think she was out of hand.

Follow Cannabis Legalization News for the latest in State and Federal rules.

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