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Trump Marijuana Lies & Coronavirus Politics – Dr. Fauci as the new Dr. Woodward

What does the Trump administration’s actions on the coronavirus have to do with the marijuana laws? A lot, actually. Learn about Doctor William C. Woodward and how he tried to stop another scientific smear campaign against cannabis in 1937. Dr. Woodward helped advocate against the stupid marijuana tax stamp act. Today, we discuss all sorts of things about how the modern coronavirus and the Trump administration is just like what happened 80 years ago with marijuana prohibition. While Trump’s marijuana policy is almost as bad as his coronavirus ineptitude, it reminds me lots of the Democratic marijuana policy from the 1930s that changed the name of the cannabis medicine to marijuana and swept doctors under the rug. The American Medical Association sent their lawyer to Washington DC to argue against the new law, but he was shouted down. The brainwashing of doctors really ramped up when cannabis was removed from the pharmacopoeia 5 years later in 1942. trump marijuana trump coronavirus lies trump coronavirus politics william c woodward dr. Woodward marijuana and coronavirus cannabis legalization news marijuana history cannabis satire dr fauci


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