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Stay Home and Light One Up On 4/20: The Online Edition

Something cannabis consumers are used to is adapting to changing surroundings; the present COVID-19 pandemic has made us adapt once again. Events are a thing of the past, at least until next year, and people feel comfortable being around others again. I will miss this year’s hugs and handshakes, but in the name of not having part 2 of this pandemic, a necessary evil especially since a majority of cannabis activists have preexisting conditions or are older. With this said, let me turn you on to several online 4/20 events coming up this year with more in the works.

First, I would like to present Loving Light For Our Plant Prisoners. A vigil throughout the month of 4/20. A vigil for those suffering from our ignorant cannabis laws while it is being called essential in multiple States. Follow the Facebook Event link to learn more about how to join.

Loving Light

Event Statement:

During this time of pandemic and uncertainty,  many of us are wishing that our efforts for ending prohibition and releasing our cannabis prisoners had been achieved by now!!  While many of our 420 party plans have been canceled for the month of April we still have our hearts to affect change!! We are uniting with other organizations such as Freedom Grow, Zonka Miles, Can-Do Clemency, Mission Green, THSI (The Human Solution International), etc and inviting all other organizations and humans to join us in this daily candlelight visual to help manifest protection, peace, and freedom for all of those still unjustly serving time in prison over cannabis prohibition! Help us bring light and hope to not only our prisoners but their families during this extra scary time for them!

Facebook Event Link for Loving Light For Our Plant Prisoners

Next is one of my favorite and longest-lasting cannabis events in the United States, and that’s Seattle Hempfest. As you can imagine, this organization always throws amazing events on 4/20; this year should be no exception, just online.

Seattle Hempfest

To join this event go to or click here 

Next up, on amazing and oldest cannabis protest events, is Hash Bash. Hash Bash occurs on April 4th traditionally, so this year Hash Bash was online. I wish I could have gotten you this information sooner, but you can still watch and listen to the speakers on legalization. As we try and adapt to the new digital age, this Hash Bash stream can only be found on Facebook for now but watch as speakers such as Tommy Chong join in on the fun, here’s the Hash Bash Facebook link.

Finally, let’s just talk about people not trying to be part of a protest but a party. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, especially since we’ve come such a long way of being able to get arrested in every State for a plant. First is the Farechild charity event.


Farechild Events is an event company that’s the brainchild of David Tran, who gave us Dope Magazine and so many dope events in conjunction with. I signed up for this one and am looking forward to what David and his team bring to the table.

Blazing Wsahington

Lastly, I ask you to give our friends over in Blazing Washington a follow for upcoming events. Before recent events, Blazing Washington is on the rise as an event promoter; their biggest production was scheduled for March 28th bringing together rising Pacific Northwest Hip-hop artists calling it Local Uprising. Check out and follow their social media on Instagram and Facebook, now virtually anyone can join one of their upcoming Thursday Sesh.

These are scary times, but we’ll get through it as we always do. I’ve added a video for some food for thought as we go into the next evolution of socialization.


After its all said and done, “Don’t panic and always carry a towel”.


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