FBI Investigates Nevada’s Cannabis Licensing Process

Cannabis Legalization News - Subscribe on YouTube
Cannabis Legalization News - Subscribe on YouTube
FBI Investigates Nevada's Cannabis Licensing Process

The governor of Colorado urges the Senate to pass marijuana banking before legalization, more cannabis workers are unionizing, and the FBI is investigating Nevada’s cannabis industry. Today at 3 PM CST!

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FBI Investigates Nevada Cannabis Licensing Process (Ganjapreneur)
Nevada suspends cannabis company’s cultivation license (MJ Biz Daily)
Colorado Governor Urges Senators To Pass Marijuana Banking And Tax Reform Before Tackling Legalization (Marijuana Moment)
The Cannabis Industry is Unionizing (VICE)
Cannabis Company to Pay $300,000 Over Payroll Violations (NBC Boston)
Doctor helps Utahns get medical marijuana cards (Fox Salt Lake City)
Cannabis e-commerce platform I Heart Jane nets $100 million of capital (MJ Biz Daily)
This Virginia Couple Is Selling Pot “Stashboxes” To Keep Drivers Safe From Open Container Laws (The Outlaw Report)
Germany’s Drug Commissioner Endorses Decriminalizing Cannabis (ICBC)
Aurora Delivers Medical Cannabis to France Pilot Program (Ganjapreneur)

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