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New York Dispensaries Open Days Before 2023 – Cannabis Legalization News

New York Dispensaries Open Days Before 2023 – Cannabis Legalization News

In a major victory for cannabis legalization advocates, #dispensaries in #New #York are set to open before 2023. This video takes a closer look at the news and what it could mean for the future of cannabis in the state.

Kenneth Woodin, a stay-at-home dad from Houston who had been previously arrested on a weed charge, was first in line at the cannabis dispensary in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village to make history. After eagerly queuing for more than four hours, he entered the dispensary, proceeded to purchase two bags of smokable flower called Gorilla Glue each containing eighth of an ounce for approximately $90.

Prior to this historic purchase embarked upon by Mr. Woodin and the many other courageous individuals taking part, cannabis sales were one that took place in secrecy and angst due to laws in place which criminalized them.

Despite coming to terms with his past making oversight decisions and recognizing majority public opinion had shifted so drastically as it regards Cannabis use, Mr. Woodin confessed “This is part of history” speaking regarding his monumental purchases made on December 3rd 2020 which marked New York’s legalization of recreational cannabis. In doing so, the 33 year old brought closure for himself and helped progress trajectory of further disruptive social change surrounding Marijuana Marijuana usage/legality worldwide by exclaiming “I don’t want to feel like I’m a criminal anymore.”

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