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LegalIze It and I Will Advertise It

LegalIze It and I Will Advertise It

I originally going to write an article for this description but due to character limits on some of the platforms we use, let me be brief, for a detailed story visit the Cannabis Legalization News website.

Tom Howard and Miggy met as activists, approximately 13 years ago. Since then, Miggy has contributed to multiple cannabis platforms and Tom was able to transition his banking law experience to the cannabis industry.

Before the podcast, before any form of recreational legalization, Tom started a page to share the message that prohibition is unconstitutional. The Facebook URL is FreeThc, and the page’s name is Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional; this has been converted for the podcast.

The page serves the same purpose, but now you can see the people behind it.

As I write this, the page sits at 400k+ and growing. My point for this content is to show the complexities and lack of support on the backend of a thing with a large audience; I’m managing thousands of messages, let alone billions.

Our subject matter gets us overlooked, but a program blocking spam, bots, and Nigerian Princes would protect all.

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