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Legalization Nation Cartoonist/activist Brian Box Brown

Satire and cartoons have always been a powerful way to communicate political messages. In the age of cannabis censorship, they are more important than ever.

Brian Box Brown is a cartoonist and activist who has used his art to fight for cannabis legalization. He created Retrofit Comics, a publisher dedicated to releasing alternative comics, in 2011.

In 2011, Brown started a Kickstarter fundraiser to create Retrofit Comics, a new publisher dedicated to publishing 16 alternative comic books over 16 months. Since completing this goal, Retrofit Comics has continued to publish new comic books every month or two.

Brown is also the creator of a full-length graphic novel about professional wrestler André the Giant called André the Giant: Life and Legend. It debuted as ninth bestseller on Amazon in 2014.

Brown’s work is a vital part of the current cannabis landscape, and his art will continue to play a critical role in the fight for legalization.

Cannabis censorship is a real and pressing issue, but we have the power of satire and cartoons on our side. Thanks to artists like Brian Box Brown, we can fight back and win.


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Please be 21+ because this is about the legal & legitimately lawful (at the state level) cannabis industry.

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