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Last Episode Ever | Cannabis Legalization News December 2022

Last Episode Ever | Cannabis Legalization News December 2022

Proponents of the #SAFEBankingAct were disappointed this week after House Republicans shut down attempts to include measures in a federal defense spending bill. Mitch McConnell signaled his intention to stand in the way of progress for the industry in future bills by allowing banks to continue to prohibit businesses that are involved with cannabis in any perceived form. #Banking in the #CannabisIndustry continues to be a challenge as the drug schedule of the plant poses major conflict for banks that want to be compliant with federal law. With the lack of available financial services to legitimate and legal businesses at the state level, the industry is forced to seek creative ways to protect themselves in a primarily cash-centric business. Cashless ATMs have recently been the subject of a crackdown after some of the largest processors of these transactions put the kibosh on their services in a sweeping fashion. Also, Brittney Griner was released from a Russian prison for cannabis charges that capture the attention of the nation. Now that the U.S. secured her release through a prisoner exchange, how does this move reflect on the current cannabis policy under federal law?

Tune in to Cannabis Legalization News with hosts Tom Howard and Miggy420 to find out more!

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