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Illinois Pushing Back on Cannabis for Social Equity… They Say

Illinois cannabis MSOs are pushing back against a proposed , according to a recent report.

The Cannabis Business Association of Illinois (CBAI) has formally decided to oppose SB3105, which would allow craft growers to nearly triple the size of their footprint. This would give social equity-owned craft cultivators a better chance to compete in the Illinois market.

At issue is the fact that MSOs currently control most of the Illinois cannabis market, and they don’t want to see any legislation that could upset their dominance. The CBAI argues that the bill would create an unlevel playing field and give small businesses an unfair advantage.

Illinois residents feel strongly about helping social equity-owned businesses.

But many Illinois residents feel that the current system is not working and that the state needs to do more to help social equity-owned businesses. Illinois has one of the most racially segregated cannabis markets in the country, and we must take steps to address this issue.

SB3105 is an important step in the right direction, and we should not allow MSOs to block its passage. We need to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate in Illinois’ legal cannabis market, and that means giving social equity-owned businesses a fair shot at success.

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