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How You Can Legally Make Money With Cannabis – Explained By A Cannabis Lawyer

How You Can Legally Make Money With Cannabis – Explained By A Cannabis Lawyer

Discover how to legally make money with Cannabis, the new gold mine. This video will take you through the lucrative world of the Cannabis industry, debunk myths, and lay out clear pathways to profits. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for the next big thing or an investor searching for a high return industry, this is your must-watch guide. Learn the legalities, business strategies, and insider tips that can turn green into gold. Subscribe and stay ahead of the Green Revolution!

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00:00 Introduction
01:09 Limited License Holders
02:09 MOATs are the best
03:36 Winning Craft Grow Licenses
05:24 Real Estate Money
06:10 Loan Money
07:04 Find Your Moat
08:21 Gro Equipment Money
09:43 Growing It Moat

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