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How to Setup a Grow Tent – Basic Grow Tent Kit Setup Guide – Indoor grow tent with carbon filter.

How to Setup a Grow tent in your home for a legal medical cannabis grow – This is a Complete Guide to a Basic Grow Tent Setup Guide. We will cover everything you need for setting up you indoor grow tent kit. We cover all the basics your indoor grow tent kit should provide. With this basic grow kit setup, you can turn any room into a home grow. This grow tent tutorial includes installation of a carbon filter to mitigate any odors your legal medical cannabis may make.

Materials used in our basic grow tent setup for your indoor home grow – includes everything you need to set up your grow tent including ventilation:
– Hydrometer & thermometer
– BloomGrow 32″x32″x63″ tent
– MAXSISUN 2020 Latest QB Style PB 1000 LED Grow Light
– odor mitigation system (carbon filter)
– small fan
– rope ratchets
– Automatic watering system
– Power strip
– Wicked Wicking Grow Pot & Super Soil & kit from Illinois Growers Club.


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