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Home Deliveries Protect Patients

These are scary times, especially for medical marijuana patients. Older people and those with preexisting conditions could fatally suffer the most from this, but healthy people are getting knocked down too, there is no one type for this virus.

Dispensaries and cannabis shops across the nation have been deemed essential. One opened for just patients, and the other is to the public, where some who use cannabis medicinally will make their purchase.

Washington State has a medical program but has placed many hurdles for those wishing to be considered a medical patient or outlet only vs. the statewide licensed stores and grows.

A body known as The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is what regulates Washington State’s cannabis industry. This body of business and ex-law enforcement personnel create the rules those with licenses play by and answer only to the Governor.

Since the start of the pandemic, it seems they have catered more to the liquor license holders. They’ve allowed curbside pickups for both liquor and cannabis retailers, but when it comes to home delivery, remain silent.

Since the pandemic, they’ve eased some tax penalties as per the Governor. They have allowed restaurants to sell alcohol with a portion of food but still no consideration for the medical cannabis patient needing to avoid contact with people during this pandemic. Washington State’s legalization has not served the medical patients’ needs, even though medical cannabis is why legalization is where it is today; patient needs are ignored.

The WSLCB likes to pass responsibility to the legislature; one example of the past is the issue of home grows. So in case, they pass the buck on this issue, I plead to Governor Jay Inslee for when the recreational market started, they (WSLCB) claimed that 90% of the patients were fake, since then all patient rights have been disregarded.

Dear Governor Inslee,

I implore you to implement emergency home delivery rules for patients and recreational consumers. All consumers deserve the right to safe access. With your powers, I hope you can correct a great wrong for even when this pandemic is over or under controlled; patients still have weakened immune systems.

Whether someone is seeking cannabis to help with Crohn’s or a case of the Mondays, all use is medical use. Consumers of cannabis shouldn’t be putting their health at risk when seeking to consume a non-toxic plant.


A Washington State Cannabis Consumer

Please sign and share this petition, we need to get Insee’s attention.

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