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Hempfest News with Vivian McPeak

Hempfest organizer and OG cannabis activist, Vivian McPeak, gives us an update on the esteemed Seattle Hempfest. Digital Hempfest – October 10, 2020 “Human rights. Equality. Freedom. We believe that adults in a free society deserve the right to make their own educated and informed choices about what they put into their own bodies. We believe that those important health choices should be made based upon truthful and accurate information. Of course, Hempfest is about cannabis — industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational use by otherwise law-abiding, responsible adults — but since Hempfest is a political rally and demonstration against America’s laws criminalizing and imprisoning people who use cannabis, we see Hempfest as about freedom first, and the cannabis plant second.” – Seattle Hempfest


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