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Federal Legalization News | Bi-partisan PREPARE Act filed in Congress April 2023

Federal Legalization News | Bi-partisan PREPARE Act filed in Congress April 2023

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-OH) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) introduced the Preparing Regulators Effectively for a Post-Prohibition Adult-Use Regulated Environment Act (PREPARE) Act on Thursday, in an effort to ensure that states have the resources they need to safely regulate and grow the marijuana industry. The bill aims to provide assistance to state governments so that they can implement effective regulations that are adapted to their particular needs. It also establishes a grant program that would fund research and technical assistance projects related to marijuana regulation.

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The PREPARE Act is a crucial step in developing responsible, state-based approaches to regulating cannabis — something that is desperately needed given the decades of failed federal prohibition policies. By providing necessary resources and guidance, the bill seeks to promote sensible regulations on recreational marijuana use, keeping communities safe and protecting public health.

In addition, this legislation could help create jobs by fostering an environment where small businesses can thrive — particularly those owned by women or people of color who have been disproportionately targeted by the failed War on Drugs. With new opportunities for economic growth, this important bill has the potential to bring much needed benefits to communities across America.

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