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Federal Cannabis Legalization News June 2023

Federal Cannabis Legalization News June 2023

Cannabis legalization is a hot topic across the world. In recent news, Mexico and Canada have both passed legislation that will legalize recreational use of cannabis. The move marks the first time in history that two of North America’s largest countries have taken such action to regulate the drug’s use.

Other countries and regions are taking notice and considering their own measures for legalizing marijuana. In Europe, Switzerland recently declared its intention to allow limited sale of cannabis in pharmacies starting in 2021. Meanwhile, South Africa is looking set to become the second African country (after Lesotho) to legalize medical marijuana.

These moves come after decades of criminalization and social stigma surrounding the drug – both as a recreational substance and medicine. With these new laws, advocates believe more research can be conducted into potential medical uses for cannabis, which could lead to further breakthroughs in treatment and therapy.

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News Summary 2
Marijuana legalization: Gov. Walz signs Minnesota cannabis bill into law 2
Illinois Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Marijuana Businesses To Claim State Tax Deductions As Partial IRS 280E Fix 4
New York Will Allow Licensed Cannabis Growers and Retailers to Host Farmers Market-Style Events This Summer 5
Florida Marijuana Legalization Initiative Has Enough Signatures For 2024 Ballot, State Officials Say 6
Marijuana users still barred from buying guns even in states where pot is legal, ATF warns 8
Local law enforcement raises concerns over cannabis legalization 10
North Carolina Lawmakers Take Up Senate-Passed Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee 11
Financial News 13
Two Dozen Publicly Traded U.S. Cannabis Companies Lost $4 Billion Last Year 13
MedMen on the Brink of Collapse 14
International News 15
Proposals For Regulated Cannabis Market May End Up In 15
Shit I Wasn’t Expecting 18
Big Tobacco’s War on Cannabis Ignites: Are Pre-Rolls and Cones Under Attack? 18
Name that strain 20
Hype the Business 20
Microbusiness Zip Codes for Cannabis Lottery: How to Qualify and Apply 20
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