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Cannabis Packaging & Labelling | 420 Somewhere with Larry Levy from Lucid Green on CLN

Cannabis Packaging & Labelling | 420 Somewhere with Larry Levy from Lucid Green on CLN

The #regulations for #packaging and labeling of adult use #cannabis are comprehensive. Cannabis producers must abide by state-specific rules on container size, seal integrity, font size, placement of warning labels, and more. It’s essential to understand all the relevant regulations to ensure compliance with the law.

Larry Levy from Lucid Green.

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For example, California recently changed its packaging and labeling rules to require unique identifiers on all containers of infused products. This helps regulators track products closely from production through sale. Offering clear and consistent information about product contents and warnings is also important for responsible consumer use.

Unique product codes (UPCs) are one way cannabis producers can meet the new regulations for labeling and packaging. UPCs provide a quick and easy way for consumers to understand exactly what is in their purchase. UPCs also help regulators track products from seed to sale, providing an additional layer of traceability. For adult use cannabis products, state-mandated UPCs can be divided into two categories: informational labels and warning labels.

Informational labels often include product descriptions, THC/CBD levels, recommended serving sizes, expiration dates, and more. Warning labels must contain phrases like “Keep out of reach of children” or “Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate machinery” in order to meet legal requirements. Ensuring compliance with all labelling and packaging regulations is essential for maintaining a safe environment for cannabis consumption.

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