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Cannabis Election Results for 2023 | Cannabis News – CLN Podcast November 2023

Elections were held this week and yielded some promising results for cannabis in several states. Another state joined the list of those that have legalized cannabis for adult-use, while others approved medical cannabis and cannabis decriminalization. This is a positive step for the progress of cannabis reform in the United States. Latest cannabis news updates.

Although this week’s elections had some great news for cannabis supporters, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Also, Congress considers the economic benefit of federal legalization and other top headlines of the week are covered. Tune in to Cannabis Legalization News to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. 🍁🌱🔥🌬️🍃🌳🌞🚬

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Cannabis Election Results for 2023 | Cannabis News – CLN Podcast November 2023

00:00:00 Cannabis Legalization News

00:01:20 Ohio Wins – OHio legalized marijuana

00:03:00 Illinois: THC Loophole

00:09:13 Ohio legalizes cannabis for personal consumption

00:11:40 Congress Report DEA: Cannabis Should Be RE-Scheduled

00:22:20 Americans Now Favor Legalization of Weed

00:27:54 Dr. Howard Sclamberg on Cannabis Legalization: When

00:34:14 Ohio Lawmakers to Push to Repeal Voter-approved Cannabis Law

00:39:48 Italian People Were Recreational Pot Users IN the 1600s

00:47:15 Texas Medical Marijuana: 132 Dispensary Applications Go In

00:55:15 Leafly: Going to Bankruptcy??

01:03:09 Green thumb Industries: Earnings Q3 2023

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