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Cannabis News for December 2023

1. New Laws and Regulations

Discover what’s changed in the cannabis landscape this December. We’ll delve into the latest legal updates and what they mean for you.

2. Licensing Updates

Gain insights into the latest cannabis licensing processes and how they impact growers and businesses. Understand the changing regulatory environment.

3. Industry Trends

Explore the evolving cannabis market and its implications for consumers and investors. Stay ahead with our industry trend analysis.

4. Legal Challenges

Take a detailed look at the Maryland Hemp Case and its wide-ranging implications for the hemp industry. Understand the legal nuances in our comprehensive review.

5. Expert Opinions

Listen to interviews with industry leaders and policymakers. Get exclusive insights from the experts.

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00:00:00 Cannabis News december 2023

00:06:15 MITA Unshackled Podcast of the Year

00:09:59 USDA won’t let you grow weed & hemp

00:16:50 Guns and Hemp for Mandatory Minimums to be weighed

00:20:04 420 somewhere by Cheech and Chong

00:22:41 Pres candidate makes weed smoking joke.

00:35:24 schedule III cannabis info

00:42:46 Martha stewart and weed

00:44:47 Sharon Osborn shits on pot story

00:48:37 Name that strain

00:56:17 cannabis news december 2023

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