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Biden Pardon Portal Opens – Federal Legalization News

Biden Pardon Portal Opens – Federal Legalization News

Biden Pardon Portal Opens – #Federal #Legalization #News

In October 2020, President Joe Biden used his executive authority to grant pardons to Americans with a federal conviction for low-level marijuana possession. The Office of the Pardon Attorney developed a form to collect information from potential pardon recipients and estimated that up to 20,000 people might apply. According to the US Sentencing Commission, nearly 7,000 individuals are eligible for relief.

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The pardon granted by President Biden is an important first step in creating fairness and opportunity in the criminal justice system. This type of “clemency action” can provide a second chance to those who have served their time, allowing them to move forward with their lives without the lifelong stigma that comes with a criminal conviction. Additionally, it can provide relief from the collateral consequences of this conviction, such as ineligibility for certain forms of employment or housing.

However, there are still many issues with the current process that need to be addressed. For example, those convicted of felonies—even those who have served their time and paid all of their fines—may still be ineligible for certain forms of relief. This means that many people who deserve a second chance are unable to take advantage of the pardon and may still face significant barriers due to their criminal record.

To ensure fairness in the criminal justice system, it is important that legal reforms are passed which allow those convicted of felonies to have more opportunities for relief. This could include increasing the categories of offenses eligible for pardon, establishing fair and equitable criteria for granting pardons, and providing better access to legal services so that those seeking relief can get the help they need. Additionally, it is essential that any reforms ensure that those convicted are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate their rehabilitation.

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