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Alcohol Industry Calls for Legalization? Cannabis News March 2023

Alcohol Industry Calls for Legalization? Cannabis News March 2023

“Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) believes the time has come for Congress to comprehensively legalize and regulate adult-use cannabis at the federal level. More than 50 percent of the U.S. population lives in a legal adult-use cannabis state, yet the federal government continues to categorize cannabis as a Schedule I drug—the same status as Heroin. This has given rise to an untenable conflict between state and federal law.

This conflict undermines the rule of law; leaves consumers facing serious health and safety risks and states without critical federal oversight of production and interstate sales; and creates significant problems for businesses operating in legal states, as well as for law enforcement, regulators and citizens in neighboring states that have chosen not to legalize.”

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The legalization of cannabis requires the establishment of a federal regulatory structure that would license producers, test facilities, and distributors; establish taxes and trade practices to protect public safety; and allow states to tailor additional requirements to their needs.

This will ensure safe and diverse products for consumers, create fair competition within the industry, and limit negative impacts of the product. Summarizing, an effective regulatory system should be in place for cannabis legalization in order to promote public safety and maintain an equitable business environment.

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