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420 Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton | Cannabis Legalization News

420 Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton | Cannabis Legalization News

This is a video about #420Somewhere with Penelope Hamilton

Penelope Hamilton’s canna story is filled with twists and turns and encompasses all of Joyce’s very favorite topics; pot, politics and religion. Penelope is on the cutting edge of advocacy in her home state of New York, but her story begins with a childhood illness and leads through a Mennonite marriage and transitions through many other communities where cannabis was taboo. But here she is today, breaking barriers and crushing stigmas as a New York cannabis advocate with her story of wisdom and persistence and healing.

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Today, Penelope is proud to be an advocate for medical cannabis and RSO/FECO, and her belief in the healing power of nature is helping to make a difference in the lives of many. She continues to spread awareness about this powerful herbal remedy through her website, podcasts, and social media platforms. Together with her team of healthcare professionals and medical cannabis activists, Penelope is on a mission to educate. read more:

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