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2 out of 3 Republican Voters Want to Legalize It | Cannabis News

2 out of 3 Republican Voters Want to Legalize It | Cannabis News

2 out of 3 #Republican #Voters Want to Legalize It | #Cannabis News

According to a recent survey conducted by FTP Insights on behalf of the Conservative Political Education and Advocacy Research (CPEAR), an increasing number of conservative voters now support federal cannabis reform. The survey revealed that 68% of likely 2024 Republican Presidential Primary and Caucus Voters nationally support cannabis reform, which is an increase of 10 percentage points since CPEAR’s last survey in 2021. Furthermore, respondents strongly support the idea of allowing individual states to decide whether or not cannabis should be legal (82%). This indicates that conservative voters are ready for federal cannabis reform that would legalize it.

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These results reflect a growing trend among conservative voters toward supporting sensible marijuana policy reforms at both the state and federal levels. This shift could be attributed to a number of factors, including greater public awareness of the many benefits of cannabis, such as its medicinal uses and potential economic advantages, as well as changing attitudes about marijuana use more generally. Furthermore, with more states legalizing recreational and medical use of cannabis in recent years, conservative support for federal reform is likely to increase.

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