Cannabis Event Disclaimer

Cannabis Event Disclaimer

Cannabis events are much ado about nothing. I mean, they’re fun, and all, just that the danger are things like binge eating and napping. Cannabis is safer than alcohol because it’s nontoxic. Its aftermath does not result in date rapes and fights. I write this to get the record straight; cannabis events are safer than any other with alcohol. As … Read More

How Do I Smoke Legal Weed In Washington?

So you want to smoke some legal in Seattle

So you want to smoke some legal? First off, welcome to the better Washington… Washington State. I think you’ll love the city and, more importantly, the state when you leave here. I love the city, and pending on your life experiences, your visit here to Seattle could be fantastic, or you could become a part of someone else’s hustle, like … Read More

Oklahoma: Smoklahoma Lounge Influencer Night – Tulsa – Sept. 10th


Originally Published on Blazing America by Justin Cohen Tulsa has been gifted a new consumption space with the Smoklahoma Lounge on the 1800 block of S. Sheridan. The lounge is throwing an Influencer Night on September 10th for local cannabis industry business owners, workers & online personalities. Entry is free for this event to members of the Smoklahoma Lounge Influencer Facebook group. The … Read More

Why Is Luke Scarmazzo Still Behind Bars?

Luke Scarmazzo

Luke Scarmazzo‘s incarceration is an example of the abuse of power the government can and has done; when I say government, I mean people in charge, the past, and present. I’ve spent a majority of my adult life shouting to the ether to enlighten the ignorant that cannabis is not the drug you think it is. A desire to show … Read More

Oklahoma: Chronic Palooza III – Oklahoma City

Blazing America in Oklahoma

Written by Justin Cohen, Originally Published on Blazing America Things don’t come small in Oklahoma, including Chronic Palooza III, held both in and out of a giant shopping mall south of downtown OKC. BlazingAmerica was not able to catch the Jack Herer Cup, but did make a stop earlier on day two of the event to check out Chronic Palooza … Read More

Waiting For Weed Jesus Part 1

Data On Legalizing Weed

Not everything works out as plan but make the most of it. In our most recent episode, Tommy Chong was supposed to join us but had technical issues, no one’s fault; shit happens. When it was confirmed Tommy wasn’t able to make it, we saw him pop in, but his device wasn’t connecting; my heart sank, but I knew it … Read More

Bong, pipe, or Flume?


*note: This is not a paid advertisement but a partnership. I’m helping a small business that’s shiny,  new, and with great potential, because it is a pretty cool fucking toy. Not all toys are created equal, and with its aeronautic engineering, the Flume is the Tesla of pipes. Flume’s simplistic design captures an ancient science that feels like smoking in … Read More

We (At least I am) Are Getting Our Shit Together!

Men and Women At Work

On a good day, this message will hit a hundred thousand people, on a bad no one, that’s what happens when you do things on the internet, especially when you’re focused on the progression of one conversation, that’s why your network and reputation is so important, and in a 20 Billion dollar, legal tax-generating industry and a metric butt-ton of … Read More

The Evolution of Blazing Washington into Blazing America Media: The Cannabis Grind

Blazing America

I first met Justin Cohen on a cannabis subreddit and then in the real world at the Seattle Cannabis Freedom March four years ago. In 2019, CLN interviewed Justin right after he launched an in-store cannabis newspaper. Since then cannabis has been deemed essential, several states legalized recreational use, the MORE Act passed partially, Trump lost the election and the … Read More