Amazon allows staff fired during marijuana screening process to reapply for jobs.

Amazon enables fired staff during the marijuana screening process to reapply for jobs

Amazon allows staff fired during marijuana screening process to reapply for jobs. According to CNBC, Amazon HR chief Beth Galetti said in a blog post on Tuesday that the corporation had “reinstated employment eligibility” for former workers and applicants who were dismissed or delayed after random or pre-employment marijuana testing. Amazon said in June that […]

Federal Cannabis Legalization News: February 2021

Federal Roundup

To get a full recap, watch the video. In this video we discuss ; Senator Presses Biden Treasury Nominee On Marijuana As House Omits Banking Protections In COVID Bill (Marijuana Moment), Biden AG Pick Restates Pledge To Respect State Marijuana Laws, In Writing (Marijuana Moment) Past marijuana use won’t automatically disqualify Biden White House staff […]

Jay-Z was part of the largest cannabis SPAC. What’s a SPAC?


We had Michael Auerbach, founder of Subversive Capital and proxy The Parent Company, Jay-Z’s latest business venture on the show. Buzzwords like SPACs, blockchain, and equity are thrown around like dollars in a strip club but, what are SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), and how do they represent societal inequity? In our conversation, I learned […]

We (At least I am) Are Getting Our Shit Together!

Men and Women At Work

On a good day, this message will hit a hundred thousand people, on a bad no one, that’s what happens when you do things on the internet, especially when you’re focused on the progression of one conversation, that’s why your network and reputation is so important, and in a 20 Billion dollar, legal tax-generating industry […]

A Green Green Story

A Green Green Story

What’s the going rate to live and do the right thing in America? What’s the going rate for justice and equality for all? As someone who has worked in manufacturing quality assurance for the past 20 years, I ask myself this a lot. My American Dream was to get a decent paying job, possibly own some land, and to be left the fuck alone as I harmlessly consume cannabis in my home; two out of three ain’t bad.

How Federal Cannabis Legalization Affects Your State?

How Federal Cannabis Legalization Affects Your State

The MORE Act has –finally- been set for vote in the following days, after initially been set for September but pushed back due to COVID-19. The MORE Act, seeks to decriminalize marijuana at a federal level, expunge the records of people with prior marijuana convictions, and impose a federal five percent tax on cannabis sales, revenue that […]

Texas Lawmakers Push To Legalize Marijuana


With the state’s budget taking a big hit from the pandemic, Democratic lawmakers took the opportunity to present their proposals to have Texas join the growing list of new states that have legalized marijuana.

Home Deliveries Protect Patients

Home Deliveries

These are scary times, especially for medical marijuana patients. Older people and those with preexisting conditions could fatally suffer the most from this, but healthy people are getting knocked down too, there is no one type for this virus. Dispensaries and cannabis shops across the nation have been deemed essential. One opened for just patients, […]

Jennifer Ter Doest Is Not A Criminal

Written by Kerry Cannon. Original Article posted here June 5, 2020: Two women on a road trip from Colorado to North Dakota, stop to take a picture of the sunset in South Dakota. This wasn’t a typical road trip. One of the women was fleeing from her rapist. While the woman was stopped on the […]