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Home Deliveries Protect Patients

Home Deliveries Protect Patients

These are scary times, especially for medical marijuana patients. Older people and those with preexisting conditions could fatally suffer the most from this, but healthy people are getting knocked down too, there is no one type for this virus.

Dispensaries and cannabis shops across the nation have been deemed essential. One opened for just patients, and the other is to the public, where some who use cannabis medicinally will make their purchase.

Washington State has a medical program but has placed many hurdles for those wishing to be considered a medical patient or outlet only vs. the statewide licensed stores and grows.

A body known as The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is what regulates Washington State’s cannabis industry. This body of business and ex-law enforcement personnel create the rules those with licenses play by and answer only to the Governor.

Since the start of the pandemic, it seems they have catered more to the liquor license holders. They’ve allowed curbside pickups for both liquor and cannabis retailers, but when it comes to home delivery, remain silent.

Since the pandemic, they’ve eased some tax penalties as per the Governor. They have allowed restaurants to sell alcohol with a portion of food but still no consideration for the medical cannabis patient needing to avoid contact with people during this pandemic. Washington State’s legalization has not served the medical patients’ needs, even though medical cannabis is why legalization is where it is today; patient needs are ignored.

The WSLCB likes to pass responsibility to the legislature; one example of the past is the issue of home grows. So in case, they pass the buck on this issue, I plead to Governor Jay Inslee for when the recreational market started, they (WSLCB) claimed that 90% of the patients were fake, since then all patient rights have been disregarded.

Dear Governor Inslee,

I implore you to implement emergency home delivery rules for patients and recreational consumers. All consumers deserve the right to safe access. With your powers, I hope you can correct a great wrong for even when this pandemic is over or under controlled; patients still have weakened immune systems.

Whether someone is seeking cannabis to help with Crohn’s or a case of the Mondays, all use is medical use. Consumers of cannabis shouldn’t be putting their health at risk when seeking to consume a non-toxic plant.


A Washington State Cannabis Consumer

Please sign and share this petition, we need to get Insee’s attention.

Jennifer Ter Doest Is Not A Criminal

Jennifer Ter Doest Is Not A Criminal

Written by Kerry Cannon. Original Article posted here



June 5, 2020:

Two women on a road trip from Colorado to North Dakota, stop to take a picture of the sunset in South Dakota. This wasn’t a typical road trip. One of the women was fleeing from her rapist. While the woman was stopped on the side of the highway, for a moment of solitude & beauty, a state trooper stopped to check on their wellbeing. Their quest for safety quickly turned into a nightmare.

Jennifer Ter Doest consumes Cannabis to treat her severe anxiety and depression. In January of this year, she was able to replace all of her pharmaceutical drugs with Cannabis. It has led Jennifer to an improved quality of life. She says she’s now balanced, steady, alert and actually wants to do things, instead of just existing.

Jennifer was visiting Colorado and considering a move there from Oregon. After just a few days in Colorado, she became the victim of a sexual assault. Jennifer and a friend gathered all of her belongings quickly, loaded her car, and began their quest to safety in North Dakota, after the assault. Jennifer and her husband are separated but own a home together in North Dakota. She has family and friends who are military and law enforcement there, who she knew would keep her safe, and help her through this difficult time.

On the side of I-29 in South Dakota, the state trooper who stopped to check on the women asked who had the marijuana, after learning they just stopped to take a sunset photo. The trooper asked Jennifer and her friend to step outside of the car. They complied. Jennifer stood outside barefoot with heat blisters on her feet. While one trooper searched her car, another conducted a field sobriety test on Jennifer, aware of her blistered bare feet. She was informed that she was facing 4 felonies and 1 misdemeanor charge. Jennifer was arrested for paraphernalia, possession of Marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to distribute, and possession of Marijuana 2 oz to less than 1/2 lb. She reported the sexual assault she was a victim of in Colorado to the trooper.

What was found to warrant this arrest?

In Jennifer’s vehicle was empty drams she had collected from her budtender days in Oregon and saved for recycling. There were also 2 bowls, a bong, a nectar collector, less than 1/2 oz of concentrate, and even less flower.

A South Dakota State Trooper took Jennifer to Millbank Hospital. The staff there was instructed to do a drug screen, blood draw, and rape kit. The unprepared hospital didn’t have a single rape kit that was not expired. While calls were being made to locate a rape kit for Jennifer, she was instructed by a nurse to do a UA. She spoke up about doing a sterile wipe of her vagina, removing evidence for the rape kit, but was told to do it anyway. After Jennifer was released from the hospital, transported to the police station, she was then taken back to the hospital. The staff at Millbank had to do a video conference call with a hospital in Sioux Falls to complete the rape kit.

Across the nation, there is an extremely large number of rape kits sitting on shelves, collecting dust, unprocessed.

It boggles my mind that victimless Cannabis “crimes” are what Law Enforcement chooses to waste their time and resources on. When there is no victim, there is no crime. Sexual offenders give their victims a life sentence from the trauma they’re forced to endure.  Law Enforcement across the nation is obviously more concerned with a healing plant than actual crimes. Their funding is usually dependant upon it. We The People should demand that our hard-earned tax dollars stop being used for the plant war, and start being used to get actual criminals off our streets. Please contact your elected representatives about this matter, if you are as outraged as I.

I met Jennifer at a rest stop while traveling on the Canna Bus not so long before this horrific experience of hers. After noticing her “Prohibition still doesn’t work” bumper sticker on her car, I struck up a conversation. She is a lovely, intelligent, compassionate woman.  She posed with my Free Lance Gloor sign for a photo that will be sent to The White House, to help with the effort to release Lance from an unjust 10-year Federal prison sentence for legal, medical Cannabis in Washington state. Now she needs our help.

Reach Out

Unfortunately, the DA for Grant County does not have a listed email, so it will be necessary to call or fax him.

Politely ask for Jennifer’s release, given that she is a cannabis patient in her home state.

Cleveland Data Shows Disproprtionate Arrests, Even Though Its All Creeds Who Consumes Cannabis

Cleveland Data Shows Disproprtionate Arrests, Even Though Its All Creeds Who Consumes Cannabis

An article brought to my attention asks why more black and brown people arrested in Cleveland even though everyone gets high are? The article references Cleveland’s decision to get rid of penalties for low-level cannabis offenses and how minority communities will prosper the most from this.

I provided the two links so you can read for your self, but I would like to thank Cleveland’s leadership in making small steps that will end prohibition and create justice for all.

Support Idaho’s Medical Marijuana Efforts

Support Idaho’s Medical Marijuana Efforts

Idaho is a beautiful state, and the people are kind to, but you can’t tell by their 1920 based laws on cannabis. Idahoans lives are worse off because they do not have the number one holistic choice for what ails them.

There is presently a fight for medical cannabis, and you can help, whether you’re from the State or not. Idaho’s medical marijuana legalization is one more domino in ending the blight on American Justice known as prohibition.

If you live in the State, sign a petition. They have until April 30th to get the required signatures to get the petition on the ballot. Serra Frank puts it best that Idaho “is an island of prohibition.” An island of prohibition based on a racially biased law.

Idaho stays in 1920 while the rest of the nation pulls forward. If you don’t live in Idaho, their medical program still affects you. State by State the ignorance and fear-mongering is losing. One less prohibition State is one step closer to a United States of America.

If you don’t live in Idaho, share their petition and story to those who do. Hell, share their story and petition so that one more person knows that Idaho is a repressive prohibition State.

This last statement will be controversial to some who love America and Jesus but not to countless other Americans and me; State to State legalization affects you directly as an American vs. America interfering with the Middle East and Israel.

Prohibition affects American quality of life; whether it’s the consumers or the ones sitting behind bars, prohibition hasn’t stopped mass shootings or epidemics like the opioid crisis.

Link for Legalize Idaho

Link for Idaho Initiative

Cannabis Branding And Marketing

Cannabis Branding And Marketing

Before the internet, people spoke to each other. I don’t do that much anymore except on the potcast or the internet. For the most part, my day is my commute to and from work, the work itself that pays the bills, household work, video games, and drinking, sprinkle in writing when I can.

I am not a marketing expert, but I did take a class in the Navy, and before that, I worked in retail. Cannabis is a business of culture that will eventually happen in every state of America; it’s only a matter of time.

Each state has its own underground culture with its heroes and villains. Some are nationally known to rock the microphone, others not, but are just as important if not more so because cannabis culture of the past included a secret handshake.

Once you figure out the groups of people willing to stand against the archaic law, you have to figure out who in that group is the respected, the influencer. What horse to put your dollar on for whatever impact you’re trying to make.

Besides using trusted voices, are you making the most of an online presence? You are your own best advocate; This is true when it comes to court and business.


The great thing about legalization light is that people are no longer meeting in back alleys or having to hang out in a stranger’s apartment. Instead, we meet openly in convention centers or event spaces, trading cannabis experience and products while consuming close at an undisclosed location. I had the luxury of attending one such event, lights at the end of the dark tunnel known as prohibition.

The Marijuana Venture Interchange is a yearly event held by Marijuana Venture Magazine in Renton, Wa., a chance to mingle and promote your farm, store, and ancillary businesses. The peer to peer format in person is a priceless one and a win-win for attendees and sponsors.

How to outreach?

Companies who directly deal with the plant face the most bias. As social media page takedowns come in waves, a cannabis company doesn’t have the same advantages as other products. There are specialty media companies out there that will put your product in front of different eyes, as well as cannabis-based websites like CLN, where there will be no takedowns.

Besides social media, where else should one look? I know for a fact many cannabis companies are going through PornHub with stellar results and some choose to have a cheap Googleable presence like a Yelp account, if you’re in a legal state, you can have a Yelp account.

Metrics and Food For Thought

What are useful cannabis analytics? I can’t give you all the answers here, but I can give you some food for thought. Who are the consumers? They are young, old, black, white, brown, it’s not color nor nationality, it’s a cannaseur. Someone who smokes for wellness, whether that’s battling a disease or a case of the Mondays, cannabis use is about wellness.

Cannabis consumers are your average human who seeks quality and knows that’ll cost extra, so most of the time is willing to accept quality mids at a reasonable price. The plant sells itself, you don’t need flashy packaging, but it doesn’t hurt to have a logo and a social media presence or blog. This helps you interact with the customer and get your company’s message out at the same time.

A consumer is going for a desired result from past experiences, if each time I use your product and get a positive experience, I will now forever associate that logo with the good vibes I had.

Cannabis is a consumable, so holiday metrics will always see a spike in sales of the product like alcohol. I use this as a reference because if you’re familiar with trends, this one is easy to follow.

Lastly, there’s the culture and the history of the culture. Lives are still being ruin in prohibition, and non-prohibition states, Americans are still being detained, incarcerated, children taken, fired from jobs, all due to years of propaganda and lousy legislation. Citizens remain ignorant on cannabis as they did race due to misinformation provided by their Government.

Cannabis prohibition is a continuing conspiracy theory, a law that has no legal basis and has ruined more lives than saved. I bring all this up because prohibition remains a blemish on American history and Justice. I mention the blemish because some in the industry don’t champion for those that came before them or the fundamental liberty that legalization brings, and this is how you can stand out.

Not only be a part of your local community with food drives and other community charities but also the cannabis community. Become a member of NORML, write a letter to someone incarcerated, do something above the rest, and encourage others.

I can go on for days on how to reach people or shape your product for the greater good, so instead, I will leave you with critiques of some cannabis brands I’ve had experience with.

Do’s and Don’ts, and It Can Get Better

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Mad Mark, this is one brand that lured me in with the label. When I502 became the law of the land in Washington, marijuana was still tabooish. Mad Mark embraced the Mr. Yuck logo, making it clear that this isn’t for kids. I’m even more pleased to say. This weed is fire.

If one comes with the name Top Shelf, they better be pretty good, and to their credit, I haven’t smoked one bad batch. The niche branding here is not only do they provide that Top Shelf cannabis, but the glass it comes in can double as a shot glass. The whole brand is a double entendre with good weed.

Legit Prerolls

I never saw this brilliant business base coming with quality cannabis in mind. I had the honor of being one of the first to help promote Legit Prerolls. We did a photoshoot and live-streamed as I smoked and critiqued this bomb ass infused preroll. The company started as an infused preroll company only. All contents are from their farms in Southern Washington.

Legit Stream

The Silver series consists of flower and bubble hash; the Gold series adds shatter for the ride. All made from the same farm. It’s been over a year since the photoshoot, and original article, but Legit prerolls are still my go-to, as an asthmatic this says a lot.

Posted by Washington Bud Company on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Washington Bud Co. has excellent weed. They are pesticide-free and well taken care of, with all that said they had shitty prerolls and by shitty I mean way to small and tight. I shared my concerns with Shawn DeNae, and she considered them and changed the rolls, now you can experience this quality cannabis without having to suck the chrome off a muffler.

Liberty Reach PreRolls, not all cannabis is created equal. I’m not sure of the farm associated with them, but they are the lower cost prerolls on the market and you par for what you get. I don’t write this lightly, I tried their product twice, and both times my lungs and eyes burned from bad smoke.


Freddy’s Fuego, the name rolls off your tongue and should be something I embrace with a name like Fuego, but instead, I think it’s malo. One thing that turns me off from this brand is their mascot. I think they were trying to go for some sort of pirate but instead ended up looking like a racist bandito caricature. Besides the bad taste of imagery, the weed isn’t that fire.

Celebrity Brands in Washington

One of the predominant names here in Washington is Willie’s Reserve. I’ve seen occasional collabs with artists like Stick Figure and Green Barn Farms, but there is no consistent celebrity brand here except for Willie’s Reserve.

Green Barn Farms has excellent practices, so it must have been a no brainer for Stick Figure to partner with them. Willies Reserves partners with multiple Farms, but so far, their quality assurance process has teamed them up with good farms.

In the end, you’re consuming the efforts of farmers, not celebrities. Good luck with building your empire.

Industry Insights From Michael Patterson

Industry Insights From Michael Patterson

Listen or watch our latest cannabis conversation with Michael Patterson NHA, OTR/L, CEAS, and CEO of the US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development and editorial board member of the American Journal of Endocannabinoid. Michael talks about his international hemp business dealings and cannabis enterprise in the United States.

After you listen to the show check out and give the Journal a look as well.

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