Federal Cannabis News

Federal Cannabis News We have gathered the latest cannabis news from around the globe and bring forth to you the most​ delectable and enthralling stories of the week. Recently, announcements have been made by the Justice Department regarding cannabis, Congress​ released details of their newest spending bill, and New York is giving assistance to their […]

Morocco Allows Legal Cannabis Cultivation with Strict Limits | Morocco cannabis laws

Morocco prevents the exploitation of legal cannabis for illegal purposes

Morocco Cannabis Laws Allow Limited Cannabis Cultivation Morocco has amended its cannabis laws to allow limited legal cultivation of the drug for industrial and medical purposes. This is a significant change from the previous law which completely prohibited any involvement with cannabis. The new Morocco cannabis laws assigns the National Agency for the Legalization of […]

10 Tips to Get Investors into your Cannabis Business

10 Tips to Get Investors into your Cannabis Business

Investment is of major importance for any cannabis entrepreneur. The cannabis industry has seen a major improvement over the last few years in terms of legality and sales. Cannabis has started to gain wider acceptance and has been legalized in a growing number of states, nations, and other jurisdictions for both medicinal and recreational use.