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Germany Rejected Marijuana Legalization

Germany Rejects Recreational Cannabis

Recently, Germany rejected marijuana legalization, proposed in the “German Cannabis Control Bill” by the initiative of the German Green Party. The bill proposed the removal of cannabis from the list of Scheduled drugs on its Narcotics Act (the Betäubungsmittelgesetz or BtMG), and to regulate cannabis in a similar way to alcohol, with adults from 18 […]

Stay Home and Light One Up On 4/20: The Online Edition

Social Distancing Sesh

Something cannabis consumers are used to is adapting to changing surroundings; the present COVID-19 pandemic has made us adapt once again. Events are a thing of the past, at least until next year, and people feel comfortable being around others again. I will miss this year’s hugs and handshakes, but in the name of not […]

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