Ending Prohibition Supports Workers

Prohibition Victims

In a post-covid pandemic era, we have learned the work week can be adjusted. We’ve learned that people can work from home and you will still eat with no McDonald’s open, but we also learned it needs goods and workers to function; both categories involve truckers and other long haulers. The War On Drugs has […]

Why Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

Why Americans Support Cannabis Legalization Americans are increasingly in favor of cannabis legalization, with seven in ten supporting adult-use legalization and a whopping 92% backing medical cannabis. This shift in attitudes is supported by recent polls from market research firm SSRS, which found that majorities of both Democrats and Republicans support reform measures. Additionally, most […]

Amazon’s Questionable Claims About New York Union Organizers

  Amazon’s Questionable Claims About New York Union Organizers As Amazon seeks to overturn a vote that created the first union in the company’s history, it has objected to claims that New York union organizers handed out lettuces to workers in a bid to secure unionization votes. The eCommerce giant made the objection one of […]

Home Deliveries Protect Patients

Home Deliveries

These are scary times, especially for medical marijuana patients. Older people and those with preexisting conditions could fatally suffer the most from this, but healthy people are getting knocked down too, there is no one type for this virus. Dispensaries and cannabis shops across the nation have been deemed essential. One opened for just patients, […]

Cannabis Branding And Marketing

Cannabis Marketing

Before the internet, people spoke to each other. I don’t do that much anymore except on the potcast or the internet. For the most part, my day is my commute to and from work, the work itself that pays the bills, household work, video games, and drinking, sprinkle in writing when I can. I am […]

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