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Beer and Smoking in Vegas a Journey through MJBizCon

MJBIZ CON: Beer and Smoking In Vegas

A Journey through MJBizCon: Reflections and Insights Introduction: Remembering Hunter S. Thompson I can’t help but reminisce about Hunter S. Thompson’s journey to write an article on The Mint 400 with his Hispanic lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, the three hundred pound Samoan. This narrative sets the stage for my own adventure at MJBizCon with my friend […]

The SAFER Act in the Senate | Easy DOT Physicals Dr.Nuesse

medicinal cannabis

The Senate Banking Committee voted 14-9 on Wednesday to advance the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act. This is the first time that a Senate committee has approved a marijuana banking bill, and it is a significant step forward for the cannabis industry for medicinal cannabis. The SAFER Banking Act would allow banks […]

Marijuana Venture Interchange Is the Next Plug

MJ VEnture Interchange

I just had the pleasure of attending the Marijuana Venture Interchange in Renton, Wa. If you’re unfamiliar with Marijuana Venture, it’s a magazine devoted to the cannabis business industry. If you’re unfamiliar with an interchange, think speed dating for money. I’ve attended all the cannabis events I could in Washington State for the past 15 […]

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