New Cannabis laws: How many people can get a cannabis license in New Mexico?

new cannabis laws

The state of New Mexico passed new cannabis laws earlier this year. Under the new state laws, it is legal to grow marijuana at home. The recreational use of marijuana is also legalized. The pro-legalization activists are hailing these new laws as a step in the right direction. New Mexico has legalized the medical use […]

How to apply for a business cannabis license in New Mexico online?

This article aims to update you about the cannabis license in New Mexico.

New Mexico has been an intriguing state when it comes to cannabis laws. In 2010 New Mexico started the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. Activists have been trying ever since to get the full legalization of cannabis. This article aims to update you about the cannabis license in New Mexico. Cannabis license in New […]

Social Equity in New Mexico: New Step Towards Eradication of Injustice

social equity

New Mexico has been working hard to eradicate injustice. Legislatures have passed laws that pave the way towards paving the way towards a better social system. Prejudice, racism, and stereotyping have greatly affected people, and the government aims to end them. Social equity has been an issue when it comes to the cannabis community. There […]

MSOs in New Mexico and their Impact on Cannabis Industry

MSOs in New Mexico and their Impact on Cannabis Industry

Multi-State operators or MSOs are impactful in cannabis businesses. New Mexico passed new cannabis laws which will allow citizens to get a license for recreational production. The licensing process is very new at this point. New Mexico’s business model is set to be vertically integrated like many other states. What is the future and impact […]

How to open a dispensary – 7 steps to success

How to open a dispensary

How to open a dispensary? 7 Steps to success in the cannabis industry Few industries are experiencing such staggering growth as the cannabis industry, as the number of states providing some form of legalized cannabis continues to grow across the country, with 18 states, including Washington DC, legalizing recreational cannabis and an additional 37 states […]

Psychedelic Drug having healing effects Discovery by Yale researchers

Yale researchers discover healing effects of psychedelic drug

didA Yale researchers have found that a single dose of the naturally occurring psychedelic drug/compound; Psilocybin can cause structural changes in the brain that counteract symptoms of depression. Moreover, Researchers find that one dose of psilocybin results in roughly a 10 percent increase in neuron size and density in mouse brains. History Psilocybin and other […]