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Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Black Cannabis History Month

I waited until the last of the month to post this, mostly to reflect that the established cannabis industry has missed an opportunity this...

How to Keep Your Stash Fresh – Boveda’s Lance Lambert

Stale weed is the worst! Lance Lambert from Boveda joins us to discuss a few techniques for keeping your stash as dank as ever....

Kentucky Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana – Medical Cannabis Laws & License Info

Kentucky Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana! And they even called it cannabis! HB 136 Kentucky Medical Cannabis Laws are changing fast! For the...

Black Owned Cannabis Businesses – Elev8 Founder Seun Adedeji

How can minorities get into cannabis business ownership? We ask Seun Adedeji, the founder and CEO of Elev8 Cannabis. He is an immigrant...

Craft Grower Application Updates from Illinois

Illinois has change a few things about the application for their craft grower license, and the transporter and the infuser license. We review...

The Fresh Toast | Cannabis Consumer Trends

How does the media’s narrative around cannabis influence legalization? What do cannabis advocates need to watch out for in upcoming elections? JJ McKay from...

Equal Opportunity in the Cannabis Industry – Illinois Women in Cannabis

Illinois has an interesting strategy for getting those disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs involved in the legal cannabis industry. It looks good...

Kentucky and Alabama Might Get Medical Marijuana, Safe Banking Act Still not Safe

Kentucky and Alabama Might Get Medical, Safe Banking Act Still not Safe - Kentucky has a medical marijuana law that may become law....

In Search of Cannabis Content Creators

Looking for cannabis content creators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN3zigG0h0o

Cannabis Podcasts – A Meta Discussion with MJBulls

It seems everyone has a podcast these days but how do you find your niche and establish authority among your competitors? Dan Humiston from...

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