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Black Cannabis History Month

Black Cannabis History Month

I waited until the last of the month to post this, mostly to reflect that the established cannabis industry has missed an opportunity this month to celebrate Black history which is American history and in some parts cannabis history.

The lack of black cannabis history articles and posts is shameful for an industry where laws against it have racially intent origins. Ending prohibition not only hurts the Mexican cartels’ bottom lines but also helps end the new Jim Crow geared toward black Americans.

Voices Silent

The Constitution of The United States of America was written in 1789. The American Civil War ended in 1865 but all Americans didn’t have a voice until the 1950s, even then inhumane acts of injustice were occurring and still do today, we live in the Dysfunctional States of America.

Many minority activists have been dismissed in the past due to having names like Raj or Rasta but they were speaking the truth for their time and for now. Dismissed when the issue is life or death for many. It’s one thing to speak up about equal water fountains but when one speaks up in ending prohibition, one can lose basic life necessities that have been fought for already like employment. Below in no particular order is a small list with Facebook links of present-day business warriors and private citizens who champion the plant when they can, give their pages a like and follow to support black cannabis activists digitally.

Edward Forchion

Jesce Horton 

Charlo Greene

Whitney Beatty

Jerry Whiting

Aaron Barfield

Ashanti Hall

Blaise Léal

Carl Hart

Kam Tembo

Ray Sampson

Eddie G. Hansberry

Tamiko Campbell-Oakes

Tacarra Russell

Ngaio Bealum

Dawn Blackman

Amber E. Senter

Zairilla Bacon 

Chandra Batra

Mieko Hester Perez

Amber E. Senter

Rick DeLove#sellweedlikeimwhite

Joe Evans

Charles Patton Jr.

Boo Williams…

LPortia Mittons My biz partner…THE 1st Black #Strong woman in Oregon to own a Dispensary #KillinItInHerHomeTownChicago

Edward Harris

Èbène Miller

Dominique Davis with #communitypassageways

Kentucky Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana – Medical Cannabis Laws & License Info

Kentucky Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana – Medical Cannabis Laws & License Info

Kentucky Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana! And they even called it cannabis! HB 136

Kentucky Medical Cannabis Laws are changing fast! For the first time in decades the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Laws changes when its state legislature voted 65-30 to legalize medical cannabis for the people of Kentucky. It may soon become law and allow patients to access legal cannabis medicine and for other people to avoid the needless arrests that prohibitionist societies continue to maintain. Medical Cannabis Laws & License Info

There’s no certainty yet, but the Kentucky house approved a medical marijuana legalization bill – that changed its name to cannabis amongst other things. The Kentucky Medical Cannabis Laws are evolving, which means that Kentucky may soon join with the cannabis legalization states for its medical patients!

Black Owned Cannabis Businesses – Elev8 Founder Seun Adedeji

Black Owned Cannabis Businesses – Elev8 Founder Seun Adedeji

How can minorities get into cannabis business ownership? We ask Seun Adedeji, the founder and CEO of Elev8 Cannabis. He is an immigrant from the South Side of Chicago. Who first started Elev8 cannabis without much money, and he found that all you really need to succeed is love, creativity, and a lot of hustle.

With three stores in Massachusetts, one in Oregon and hopefully coming soon to Illinois, Elev8 cannabis is focused on its 8 core values

Our 8 Core Values
We love our customers and each other with infinite passion. Our love brings joy into their lives, nourishes their spirit, and builds bonds that cannot be broken.

We treat everyone like gold. No matter who they are, or where they come from, every individual is worthy of respect.

Come as you are. By being real and accepting people for who they truly are, we connect with our customers at a human level.

We seek first to understand, then to be understood. By listening without judgment and making ourselves available, we create meaningful personal relationships.

We go above and beyond for our customers and our community. By giving to others, we give to ourselves. We approach everything with a mindset of abundance.

We aim to get 1% more elevated each day. We seek growth, and we challenge ourselves constantly, because iron sharpens iron.

When we see a need, we step up to the plate. We do what’s best for the business, because we are all accountable for the team’s success. Nothing is ever “not my job.”

When they call us underdogs, we take pride in it. It makes us that much more motivated to succeed. When faced with a challenge, we don’t call it quits. We get creative, we hustle, and we triumph.

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